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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Male feminization

Male feminization is a lifestyle desire or fetish activity that involves a person’s voluntary transformation from male to female. The change could be physical, behavioral or both. The transformation could be either temporary or permanent. It is an effort to modify a male's appearance and, behavior and thinking into that of a female.

The process of male feminization is not a quick black and white process it actually is a procedure that requires work on a continuous basis. These processes are dependent upon the amount of androgens and the absence of estrogens.

Face Feminization

The process of male face feminization involves knowing that there are some differences that exist between the two sexes.

The facial characteristics of men are quite different than female characteristics. The most notable differences originate from not only skin and facial fat but mostly from bone specific male anatomy.

A mans chin is approximately 20 percent longer than the female jaw and through surgery it is reduced to female size and shape. This surgery also will lift the upper lip closer to the nose, thus allowing for a more female like smile.

Typically female eyebrows are arched as opposed to flat. In order to produce such changes, a forehead or brow lift is done to simply to arch and raise the eyebrows.

Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery is a method where the man undergoes reconstruction typically to appear more feminine. Having breast implants is another form a surgery a man could have to appear to have breasts.

There are combinations of surgical procedures that are necessary for successful male feminization. The idea is to make changes to the masculine hard and soft tissue features. The application of these surgical techniques could produce good results.

Feminization Hypnosis

The process of feminization hypnosis is a procedure that an individual does in a relaxed trance stage via hypnosis. For transvestite, transgender and transsexuals, it could efficiently allow them to experience fully their desire to become a woman.

The process of feminization allows a male to become more feminine. If you are Transsexual, Transvestite, or Transgender, the process of male feminization allows you enhance you feminine attributes.

Overall feminization is a gradual process. There are physical and mental changes that need to be made and the process cannot be rushed or accelerated.

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  1. Just remember girls, you have to hold your heads up high and walk tall.
    Crossdressing is much more acceptable in todays society and there is no reason why, and if, you dress within an acceptable manner that others should show you respect and even admiration.
    Good luck with your day out :)
    Val xx